A Love Letter to All Yoga Students


Lo Yoga ti incontrerà esattamente dove ti trovi ora e ti mostrerà ciò che sei  pronto a vedere.
Lo Yoga ti farà incontrare le persone che riescono a vedere il tuo  potenziale e ti amano così come sei.
Lo Yoga ti mostrerà che tutto quello che ti è successo è stato così perfetto, perché ti ha portato a questo momento, proprio ora.

Yoga belongs to you.
Its not from some other time or place.
It doesn’t belong to your teacher or your teacher’s teacher.
Yoga is for you to savor, and to infuse every cell of your being with its taste.
It is for you in your waking state and dreams.
You must wear it like a full body costume of your own flesh and bones.
When you chant Om, let it fill you up completely and it will clarify your thoughts and speech.
You will become more of yourself and you dont even know what that looks like yet.
Your feelings will explode inside of you, and there will be times when you’re not sure if you can hold all of that.
Trust me, you can.  
Your yoga will teach you how to hold everything, and you will trust it, and you will know that the universe lives inside of you,
and it will blow your mind.
There will be times when your heart gets broken, and you will hide in the cave at the bottom of the ocean and cry.
These will be sacred tears that come from the longing in your heart to connect to your life in a way that is beautiful.  
You might not know how to do this for a long time.  And it might reveal itself immediately, and you might not pay attention yet.
There will be other times when there is so much joy inside of you, and your heart is singing a million love songs at once, and you’re
flying in outer space with celestial beings sprinkling stardust all over you, and you don’t sleep for a few months. 
These are the special moments of awakening that will reveal your wisdom and radiance.
Yoga will meet you exactly where you are and it will show you what you are ready to see.
Yoga will introduce you to the people who have known you forever; the ones who see your potential and still love you right now.
Yoga will show you how everything that’s ever happened to you was so perfect, because it brought you to this moment, right now.
When you know that yoga is yours, on every level of your knowing…. you will become exactly yourself.
And you are a supreme being of absolute magnificence who is here to share your special kind of love with the rest of us.
Marni Sclaroff



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